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Going to Work or Play, Visiting Family or Friends, to the Beach or a Stroll in the Park, Airport, Train or Cruise Ship Terminals, to Graduations or Weddings, Doctor’s Office or Hospital? We are Going Your Way, 24/7. YES, You Can Do It all. Bring Your Family, Pets, Luggage, Stairs – No Problem. YES, You Can Enjoy Life.


Our Ambulette Transportation Fleet

The average age of VEHICLES IN OUR fleet is one to two years, some vans are read here writing and learning continued brand new, and none of our vans are over 5 years old. We buy them new from the manufacturer and then convert for accessibility according toNew York State Department of Transportation standards. All of our vans have raised roof and doors, dual climate control to maintain comfortable temperature throughout the van, electric lifts, comfortable forward facing seats, white exterior, discreet outside insignia and tinted windows for additional privacy. All vehicles have a permanently installed GPS automatically tracking all movements at 2 minutes intervals. The ambulettes are also equipped with two-way communication system, self-adjusting system to secure any type of mobility device (standard or motorized) or stretcher. Some ambulette transportation vehicles great site writing letters examples additional reading even have TV-DVD players. Each vehicle undergoes our internal inspection weekly, as well as, a mandatory semiannually inspection by the New York State Department of Transportation. As a result, all of our vehicles are clean, safe and reliable at all times.